Our final show of the season, Little Shop of Horrors!


Calling all Actors: 

6th Annual “Entertaining Shorts” Play Festival
June 8-10 

From The Burl-Oak Theatre Group ENTERTAINING SHORTS 2018 
ACTORS are needed for the following roles in our upcoming 1-act plays for June 7-10

The Butterfly by Wendy Oughtred
Director- Wendy Oughtred
Joe- Male late 20’s early 30’s
Liz- Female 20-30
Rebecca- Female 20-30
Synopsis: A young couple tries to work out their differences. This play explores themes of relationships and commitment

Spectacular by Nika Tomljenovic
Director- Diane Castillo
Monika- Female 33-40
Paul- Male 28-30
Jim- Male 20
Synopsis: Exploring relationships and other mysteries

Uncle Ted by Douglas Lintula
Director- Douglas Lintula
Ted- Male late 60’s
Karen -Female 30’s-40
Hank- Male 30’s-40
Synopsis: Returning to a time and place when we were the happiest

To Halve and Halve Not by Richard Ellen
Director - George Marciniak
Monty - Male 60’s
Edie- Female 60’s
Synopsis: Recently divorced couple gets invited to their daughter’s wedding

Flight of the Dodo by George Marciniak
Director- Angie Fyke
Ralph- Male middle age  
Vicky - Female 40-50  
Agnes- Female 60’s
Flight attendant- Male/Female any age
Mad Bomber- Male any age
Silent Passenger- Male/Female any age
Synopsis: Flight to Cuba never leaves the ground

For more info and to schedule an audition, please email George Marciniak at marciniakgeorge1@gmail.com

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