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Our 2021 season is safe and it's entirely free!

One of the most special ways we connect is through art and story, and the magic of live theatre. The pandemic has certainly changed the way we connect and has forced us to look at theatre through a new lens. 

We lost the final show of our 2019/2020 season with the cancellation of “Mamma Mia!”.  Optimistically we moved it into our 2020/2021 season only to see that cancelled as well.   We then  asked ourselves a very important question: How will we create theatre in a time where assembly is not safe and theatres are closed?  Our Holiday Pantomime showed us what was and is possible in utilizing green screens, online platforms, and rehearsals on zoom. The complete opposite of the process to create live theatre and yet it was magical and it was theatre!


We are pleased to present to you our 2021 Virtual Season. This “pause” on live theatre has given us the opportunity to focus on new works and new voices.  Voices we know will resonate loudly in the theatre world.  First up is “Sorting it Out”  which takes a hard look at intolerance towards an individual with a disability. Next is our New Play Festival featuring six new short plays that were developed last year  with the guidance of a professional dramaturg. Our last show, “All The World’s a Stage”, is a cabaret style show that delves into the world and works of one of history’s greatest dramatists, William Shakespeare. A collection of songs and scenes from multiple artists will have you seeing Shakespeare in a whole new light.


We have decide to make this season FREE so that it can be accessible to all. Instead of  depending on ticket purchases we have created an ongoing fundraiser to help us survive through 2021. Any donation helps. Stay posted to find out some of the other fun ways in which you can support us. Our promise to you is that we will continue to entertain and create the community of theatre.


We don’t know what 2021 will bring for live theatre, what we do know are the possibilities. Virtually we can continue to deliver art and story.  Virtually, we can still connect while apart. Thank you for supporting BurlOak Theatre Group! Stay safe and well. We miss you and look forward to being back in the theatre again soon, but until then, enjoy the virtual show!