BOTG is committed to creating an environment where all participants are treated with respect and dignity. We value diversity in race, disability, gender, sexuality, socio-economic background, faith and age. Everyone is welcome and warmly encouraged to attend auditions. 

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We are thrilled to announce that this year's Pantomime is "Alice in Wonderland"! Come be part of the fun where lost Alice meets a time travelling rabbit, and together they must defeat the "heartless" queen. It's time to go back to the theatre...we hope!



Alice (F, 17- 35) - Sassy, adventurous and curious, Alice has true imagination. Only she will be able to take on the nasty Queen of hearts in order to keep the wonder in Wonderland. A strong singer and dancer. 


Marty McRabbit (20+, male, could be revised to be F) - Marty would much rather be at home eating carrots but has managed to get roped into Doc’s plan. A little panicked as time is running out, Marty is lovable. A good singer.


Doc Hatter (40+, any gender) - Doc Hatter is the mad scientist behind this scheme. Neurotic, confusing, and a genius. Good comedic timing, a good singer, great physical comedy.


Tweedle Biff (16+, any gender) — One of the Queen’s henchmen, loves to tease people but never has a good comeback. Comfortable with singing, good comedic timing, great physical humour.


Tweedle Buff (16+, any gender)- One of the Queen’s henchmen, all brawn, no brains. Comfortable with singing, good comedic timing, great physical humour.


Caterpillar (25+, any gender) - Very wise, the keeps of knowledge, and loves to tell stories. This is the person Alice can lean on when things get a little wacky in Wonderland.  Good physicality, a good singer.


Cheshire Cat (14+, any gender) - It’s hard to tell if this cat is a good guy or a bad guy, but definitely knows more than they let on. Great physicality, good singer.


March Harry (25+, any gender) - Always ready for a party and ready to throw down a tune. An excellent singer.


Dormouse (14+, any gender) - Good natured and along for the ride, but always finds themselves in unexpected situations (because they were asleep on the way there). A good singer.


George the Dodo (16+, male) - A bit of a nerd and very awkward, George is super happy in his own domain but falls to pieces when he’s out in the world. Good physical comedy.


Jackie (20+, female) - The head of cards, she is the right hand woman to the Queen. She is also Alice’s sister in the regular world. A good singer.


Sweet Lorraine (16+, female) - The head of the flower garden, she is obsessed with Marty and can’t believe he’s back. Now she just has to make him stay… A great singer, good comedic timing. 


King of Hearts (40+, male) - Timid and jumpy around his wife (the Queen of Hearts), he is up for a little fun and imagination -as long as she doesn’t find out. Great physical comedy, a good singer. 


Ensemble - (Flowers, Cards, Ocean Creatures, Party Guests, Jury Members). Some roles will require strong singing and dancing, but all types of actors will be needed.