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BOTG is committed to creating an environment where all participants are treated with respect and dignity. We value diversity in race, disability, gender, sexuality, socio-economic background, faith and age. Everyone is welcome and warmly encouraged to attend auditions.




Directed by Angie Fyke

Produced by Diane Slater and Cheryl Cartwright

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September 20 & 21

Rehearsals begin: Mid-October

Tech/Performances: Jan 16-22

Booking your audition


  • Fill out the audition form here AUDITION FORM

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes in advance.



The play centers around the marriage between Sir Robert Chiltern, a member of the House of Commons, and Lady Chiltern, his wife. Lady Chiltern believes that her husband is a paragon of morality and virtue until she finds out a scandalous secret about his past.


The Earl of Caversham, K.G - Charming, retired caring Father - aged 50ish to play 70ish

Viscount Goring, the Earl’s Son - plays at being idle - aged 30-40 to play 34

Sir Robert Chiltern - Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs - aged 35-45 to play 40 

Vicomte De Nanjac - Young Attaché - aged 30ish  

Mr Montfort - Young Dandy - aged  25-30ish
Lady Chiltern,wife of Robert - uptight and earnest - aged 30-35

Lady Markby - Friendly Matron and Guest of the Chiltern’s, high society - aged  50+  

The Countess of Basildon - Guest of the Chiltern’s, high society - aged  30-50

Mrs Marchant - Guest of the Chiltern’s, high society - aged  30-50 

Miss Mabel Chiltern - sister - aged 20-30 to play a young impish 20ish 

Mrs Cheveley - antagonistic femme fatale - aged  30 to 40

Mason - Butler of Sir Robert - Any age

Phipps - Lord Goring’s Servant - Any age

James - Footman - Any age

Harold - Footman - Any age



Please submit your audition request no later than Sept 18, 2022.

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