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BOTG is committed to creating an environment where all participants are treated with respect and dignity. We value diversity in race, disability, gender, sexuality, socio-economic background, faith and age. Everyone is welcome and warmly encouraged to attend auditions.


A Holiday Pantomime


Produced by Cheryl Cartwright and Diane Slater



Rapunzel Web.png


August  30th

September  7th

September 10th
Callbacks/Dance call: September 16th


Rehearsals: beginning Sept 30, running Tues, Thurs evenings and Saturday afternoons
Audition/rehearsal Location: BOTG Studio - 1200 Speers Rd, Unit 7, Oakville
Tech/Performances: Dec 19-23, 28, 29 

*please note there will be two weekday matinees on Dec 28 & 29


Audition information


Sides will be provided approx 5 days before your audition. Please prepare one up-tempo pop or musical theatre song with a track.

Character Breakdowns

Rapunzel (F, 18-30)

Excited to see the world, and save it if she must. She is smart, if naive, and knows how to bring out the best in people. Excellent singer, good dancer, comfortable with audience interaction.

Indy Rider (Any gender, 18-60)

An adventurer obsessed with finding rare treasures. Great singer, good dancer, good comedic timing, comfortable with audience interaction.

Geiko (Any gender, any age)

A risk averse lizard who is Rapunzel’s BFF. Good comedic timing, good singer, good physicality.

Pickford & Pocketa Stealypants (Any gender, any age)

Siblings, total buffoons, desperately trying to stop Indy. Good comedic timing, good physicality, good singer, dance skills a plus.

King (M, 40-65)

Father to Rapunzel, he is on a constant emotional rollercoaster and it can turn on a dime. Good comedic timing.

Queen (F, 40-65)

Mother to Rapunzel, she is stable, strong and strategic - especially when it come to strategizing about how to get rid of Kensington.

Princess Peach (F, 16-24)

A good natured protector who doesn’t know her powers yet. Good singer, good dancer.

Princess Leia (F, 16-24)

Feisty, somewhat short-tempered, loyal to those she loves. Good singer, good dancer.

Barbie (Any gender, 25-35)

An interior designer who loves everything pink and has big plans for the castle renovations. 

Kensington (Any gender, 25-35)

Cousin to Rapunzel, next in line for the throne, less than average intelligence with bizarre tastes. Good comedic timing. 

Tad(pole) (Any gender, 10-15)

A brave adventurer who is Princess Peach’s biggest fan. 

Heather 1 & 2 (F, 17-35)

Social media gurus, fashionistas, they are personal assistants to Mother Gothel. Good singers, excellent dancers, comfortable with audience interaction.

Ensemble (12+)

Ensemble will play a variety of roles. Individuals may have lines or be featured. All must be good movers and comfortable with ensemble singing.

Please fill out the audition form here:
We will email you with an audition time within 5 business days. If you have any questions please email

Please fill out the audition form     HERE

We will email you with an audition time. 

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