Auditions: Odd Couple

The Odd Couple- Female Version

Audition Notice

Director: Alexander Galant
Dates: October 10,11
Call-Backs: October 12
Performances: January 23, 24, 25, 26 ( 4 shows) 
Audition Location: BurlOak Theatre Group. 1290 Speers Rd., Unit #12. Oakville
Audition Date/Time:  Please contact for an audition appointment. Please state characters that you are auditioning for. 


Olive Madison - (Lead)

divorced, professional, vibrant, active, quick-witted, big-hearted, but also relentlessly sloppy and careless when it comes to the routine concerns of her personal life. She is very much at home in running shorts and a t-shirt, and still looks smashing in a cocktail dress. The female counterpart to the original play's Oscar Madison. She is a woman seriously in need of order in her life.

Florence Unger  - (Lead)
a homemaker/housewife and very recently separated from her husband, was a bookkeeper before she married, extremely "pulled together" (obsessively so), pathologically organized and neat, even sanitizes the telephone cord. Her personality is the complete antithesis
of Olive's personality. The female counterpart to the original play's Felix Unger. A woman who badly needs to cut loose, give it up, take a risk.

Mickey - (Supporting)
a New York City policewoman, long-time friend, an organizer and problem solver.

Sylvie - (Supporting)
a compulsive smoker gruff, highly energized and very sarcastic.

Vera - (Supporting)
a bit literal-minded and a bit slow to get a point that everyone else gets instantly, always seems "a few beats behind the conductor."  her an easy target for Sylvie's verbal barbs.

Renee - (Supporting)
ab accountant - has a wise-cracking, dry wit but is less acidic than Sylvie.

Manolo  and Jesus Costazuela (supporting males)
brothers, both flight attendants for Iberia Airlines, elegant, well-mannered and extremely polite, meticulously well dressed, good-natured, good laughers, with engaging personalities, both speak with faultless Castilian Spanish accents. Manolo may be a year or two older than Jesus. Jesus may be a little less skilled with English than is his brother. Both are very classy gentlemen.



Please prepare a short comedic monologue ( 3 mins max) . Call backs will include cold-reads. 
Appointments are required.

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