Cast of Pygmalion


Rehearsals have now begun for our production of Pygmalion which opens on January 24

  • Director-Angie Fyke
  • Producers- George Marciniak & John Smissen
  • Professor Henry Higgins- Robert Hamilton
  • Eliza Doolittle- Meghan de Chastelain
  • Mrs. Higgins- Mickey Brown
  • Frederick Eynsford Hill- Saad Saud
  • Alfred Doolittle- Mark Ellis
  • Colonel Pickering- Rikki Wright
  • Clara  Eynsford Hill- Rebecca Kilburn
  • Mrs.  Eynsford Hill- Wendy Oughtred
  • Mrs. Pearce- Harriet Karsh
  • Parlour maid Diane- Castillo
  • Bystanders/Butler- Ben Fish
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