Take a Theatrical Joyride with our 2014/2015 Season!

  Beau Jest by Robert Sherman


Beau Jest by James Sherman. [ROMANTIC COMEDY]

Directed by Mike Mitton. 

October 2 to 5, 2014

We jump-start our season with this light-hearted foray into the classic world of dating, marriage, and confused identities. This romantic comedy introduces us to Sarah Goldman, a lovely young Jewish girl dating a rather normal non-Jewish boy. Her parents, however, have higher hopes for Sarah’s future and picture her happily married to a wealthy doctor, so Sarah creates a fictitious boyfriend to fit their bill. And so the ride begins. Driven by their insistence that they must meet her “beau”, Sarah has no choice but to hire Bob, an unemployed actor, to pretend to be her boyfriend. He is so convincing in his role as a Jewish doctor that even Sarah begins to fall for him and they quickly reach the point of no return. This hilarious play is a merry ride that will leave you with a hopeful heart.


Strictly Murder by Brian Clemens

Strictly Murder by Brian Clemens. [THRILLER]

Directed byLana Borsellino.

January 15-18, 2015

Enter the turn of the year with this spine-chilling mystery by Brian Clemens, best known as the creator of “The Avengers”. Buckle up for a spin down a twisty road of suspense where we meet Peter and Suzy who are living a simple existence in pre-war France.  When Suzy discovers that her beloved Peter is not as he appears, she becomes terrified that he may, in fact, be a ruthless killer driven by greed. Is Peter living a terrible lie? What begins as a quiet life in the country quickly accelerates into a roller-coaster of deceit and lies that distorts Suzy’s perception of those around her. Clemens grips us with his hairpin turns and delightful twists until visibility is restored and we finally grasp the full significance of what we have seen on stage.


Peter: Peter Churey

Suzy: Nectoria Kordan

Josef: Robert Laszcz

Ross : Brian Banyard

Miriam :Carla Zabek

Fox on the Fairway by Ken Kudwig

The Fox on the Fairway by Ken Ludwig. [FARCE]

Directed by Angie Fyke. 

April 16–19, 2015

As we cruise into spring, you won’t want to miss Ken Ludwig’s delightful golf-themed farce that hits a hole-in-one for laughter! This uproarious comedy tees off with competing country club owners making a colossal bet on an upcoming tournament. Apparently, one of the gentlemen has just bet his wife’s antique shop as collateral and is counting on a novice golfer driven by stress to crash and burn under pressure. Hold on for a ride fraught with twists and turns of uncertainty that results in a hilarious skid into the stuffiness of a private country club. Filled with mistaken identities and madcap happenings,The Fox on the Fairway proves that nothing is easy in the course of love or on the golf course. Buy your tickets now!




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  • Regular Subscription – three plays for $75 – a savings of $15 off the price of buying three $30 single tickets.

SINGLE TICKET PRICES (Available July 1, 2014)

  • STUDENTS / $5 with ID
  • Groups of 10 or more receive a $2 discount per ticket. 

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All performances take place at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, 130 Navy Street, Oakville, Ontario L6J 2Z4. 


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