Season 2012/13


April 25-28 and May 1-4
Caroline Smith's script, which won the 2005 Samuel French Canadian Playwriting Award, has the potential to be a tremendous audience favorite, while being a challenge to the group both onstage, with two tremendous roles for women, and offstage, with fresh food and props galore! The play allows for local personalization which adds some fun for the director!

THE STORY: The Kitchen Witches is all about Dolly Biddle and Isobel Lomax, whose individual cable cooking shows, “Baking with Babcha” and “Busy with Izzy” have been cancelled by the network. But during the final broadcast of Dolly's show, Izzy shows up with a spite on. The sparks fly between the two women, the barbs dig and the producers love it! Presto: a new cooking show, “The Kitchen Witches” is born! By the time “The Kitchen Witches” hits the air, the food takes a backseat to the snarling on stage. The show becomes a ratings smash hit as Dolly and Isobel top both Martha Stewart and Jerry Springer!


OCTOBER 2012 SHOW - ROPE’S END by Douglas Bowie
Oct 4-7 and 10-13
BOTG has a history with Douglas Bowie (Playwright In residence at the Thousand Island Playhouse) as we have produced two of his shows, The Nobel Pursuit and Goodbye Piccadilly, in recent years. This bittersweet comedy has depth, character development, and high entertainment value. A humourous and touching play!

THE STORY: When we meet Tobias Boone, a 45 year old former film critic, he is at the end of his rope – literally. He retrieves an old shoe box filled with Boy Scout memorabilia, including instructions on how to tie ropes. In the box he discovers something far more valuable; a long treasured photograph of a girl he loved when he was only 13. They had agreed to meet again 31 years later – and that’s the very next day! Love prevails and he woos her, wins her, and takes her off to Italy! Or does he? Of course not – he’s just imagined it. The reality is more sobering; but the actual reunion gives Toby a purpose and a real life connection!

JANUARY 2013 SHOW - HIDE AND SEEK by Lezley Havard
Jan 10-13 and 16-19
The play, Hide and Seek, is a thriller by British born playwright, Lezley Havard. The play has Canadian origins, having been first produced at the Lennoxville Festival in Quebec, and eventually earning a Broadway run in New York City. What this short script provides is mood, atmosphere, and an unsettling feeling growing in the pit of your stomach. It’s a fast-paced play that puts the audience at ease, then takes that ease away, and races quickly to the startling ending. A play with a good range of characters; one that should be a good challenge for BOTG.

THE STORY: After 18 years of marriage, Richard and Jennifer Crawford have moved from the city to an old farmhouse, which they are trying to restore before the baby arrives. He still commutes each day, while she stays in the county supervising the shambling handyman and cook who work for them. At first it is mostly the slow pace of restoration which nags at them, but a general sense of unease beings to build as the old house seems to be resisting their intrusion. But it is the silent little girl whom Jennifer claims she has seen swinging in the backyard who brings on the chilling climax of the play – in which the real and the supernatural clash with disturbing and breath-stopping results.

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