Audition Notice-Aladdin Panto

Audition Notice: Aladdin- A Holiday Pantomime

Directed by: Chantal Forde

Audition Dates: Wednesday, September 19, Thursday, September 20 for Principal Roles. 
                            Saturday, September 22 for Ensemble and Call Backs

Location: Burl-Oak Studio,1290 Speers Rd, Unit 12, Oakville, On, L6L 2X4

LEADS:  Sept 19, 20 and 22. Actors may call or email for an appointment.
Audition requirements: one song either in the style of the character you wish to play or, if this is not listed, an up-tempo pop or musical theatre song. This can be done a cappella or with a track.
Sides will also be sent. 

ENSEMBLE: Sept 22: Actors will participate in a song/movement
10:00 AM

Please contact the Producers at or leave a message on the BOTG Studio voice mail 905-825-0138.
Please indicate role(s) that you are interested in.

Sept 22 from 2-5 pm


Rehearsals - October, November, December on Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday depending on role
Performances- Matinees-December 22, 28, 29  at 2 pm  
                           Evenings- December 20, 21, 22, 28 at 7 pm
Venue-All performances at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, 130 Navy St.,Oakville
Aladdin - A Holiday Pantomime
This version of Aladdin - is the typical British pantomime but told from a modern-day perspective.

The script loosely follows the Aladdin story but is set in the present time and has a twist. It will involve plenty of jokes, lots of loud colourful characters and fun for everyone! There may even be a performance from a local celebrity!

Aladdin - Male, 18-30           
Orphaned street urchin, has guts, bravado and a sense of  adventure. Must be able to sing pop/musical theatre, some dance, role is quite active.
Jasmine - Female, 18-30      
Princess who would rather be an independent feminist, sassy, smart. Must be able to sing pop/musical theatre, some dance,comfortable with improv.       
Genie Simmons - Male or Female, 18-80   
Rock n Roll genie, who is smarter than she/he first appears. Must be able to sing rock/pop, has great physical comedy and improv skills.
Trivago - Male or Female, 15-45      
The sarcastic, salesperson sidekick to Jaffar who happens to be a bird. Must be able to sing pop/musical theatre, good improv skills, great physicality.
Achoo - Male or Female, 10-30        
Aladdin’s sidekick, the sneezing monkey. Non-verbal role (though may have some singing parts and makes lots of monkey noise), must have incredible physical comedy, role is quite active.
Manny - Male **Dame, 18-50          
The not so smart nanny of Jasmine who is constantly losing her. Good improv, good physical comedy, some singing and dancing.
Tonya - Female, 18-50          
Jasmine’s pet tiger who does most of the nannying. Dry sense of humour, loving the younger men. Physical role, some singing,great comic timing.
Sultan/Sultana - Female, 30-80
Jasmine’s mother or father. Authoritative, tired, desperate to marry off Jasmine. Some singing, moves well.
Prince Ham-head - Male, 18-35 
Jasmine’s suitor, willing to do anything to win her heart include change his entire persona) . Must have great comic timing, physical comedy, some singing.
Mary Poppins - Female, 18-40        
Jasmine’s one time nanny who comes back to help save the day. Must be comfortable singing musical theatre and interacting with audience. English accent. Dancing a plus.
Bert - Male, 18-40                 
Mary’s friend who loves the pub. Able to sing musical theatre. English accent. Dancing a plus.
Lily/Lyle - Male or Female, 25-45     
Aladdin’s parent, talk to him from the dead (think Harry Potter).  Some singing.
Jamie/James - Male or Female, 25-45        
Aladdin’s parent, talk to him from the dead (think Harry Potter).  Some singing.
Featured Roles M/F, 10-99
Smaller speaking roles, some singing and dancing.
Ensemble M/F, 10-99    
A variety of characters from village folk, to guards, to chimney sweeps. Various skills required*

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